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Hello Boss – I’m behind the front line.

August 6th, 2006

Since I switched over from MovableType to WordPress, I installed the Search Meter plugin to find out what people were searching for – and the most popular search term is “boss” (with 10 searches so far).

Why, I’m not sure (I hope my real boss isn’t that paranoid that he’s searching for any references to himself here 🙂 ), but at least it gives me a chance to mention another site I’m involved in.

Behind The Front Line is a user contributed site of “tales of woe from customer support personnel” and whilst I’m just hosting and running it for a friend, I’ve still made a number of contributions to it.

Previously, BTFL was running on Joomla/Mambo, but I decided on the server upgrade to switch it to a WordPress install as it feels more “suited” to WordPress. However, I had to manually copy of all the data from the Joomla database and then set up authors etc as WordPress hasn’t got a “Joomla import” option.

But feel free to have a look at Behind The Front Line and submit your own teeth-gnashing stories!

Howard T. Duck

August 6th, 2006

Howard The Duck Movie PosterInspired by Les’s post on the Wilhelm Scream, I decided to watch “Howard the Duck” again (the 1986 comedy “flop”) starring Lea Thompson (better known to me as Lorraine McFly from Back to the Future).

However, here’s a question for you – who was the Executive Producer of Howard the Duck? Was it:

A: Robert “Back To The Future” Zemeckis
B: George “Star Wars” Lucas
C: Leonard “WarGames” Goldberg
D: The Wachowski “Matrix” Brothers?
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Argument list too long when using rm ?

August 6th, 2006

Ever needed to delete a lot (and I mean several thousand) files from a directory in Linux? Then you may have encountered the “Argument list too long” error message which occurs when using “rm *” on the folder. This problem occurs because the list of files exceeds the 128K buffer which the kernel uses to pass the list of files to rm .

So how to defeat this problem?

Simple, use:
find . -name "*" -print | xargs rm
or, if you just want to delete the files starting “unwantedMail”, then use:
find . -name "unwantedMail*" -print | xargs rm

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