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Month: August 2006

Howard T. Duck

Howard The Duck Movie PosterInspired by Les’s post on the Wilhelm Scream, I decided to watch “Howard the Duck” again (the 1986 comedy “flop”) starring Lea Thompson (better known to me as Lorraine McFly from Back to the Future).

However, here’s a question for you – who was the Executive Producer of Howard the Duck? Was it:

A: Robert “Back To The Future” Zemeckis
B: George “Star Wars” Lucas
C: Leonard “WarGames” Goldberg
D: The Wachowski “Matrix” Brothers?

Argument list too long when using rm ?

Ever needed to delete a lot (and I mean several thousand) files from a directory in Linux? Then you may have encountered the “Argument list too long” error message which occurs when using “rm *” on the folder. This problem occurs because the list of files exceeds the 128K buffer which the kernel uses to pass the list of files to rm . So how to defeat this problem? Simple, use: find . -name “*” -print | xargs rm or, if you just want to delete the files starting “unwantedMail”, then use: find . -name “unwantedMail*” -print | xargs rm

Yes, I’m back!

After nearly 1.5 years, I’m back blogging – this time with a WordPress driven blog. Why did I stop blogging? Well, mainly due to spam. The comment spam got to such a level that every time I wanted to blog, I had to spend the time deleting spam instead. This took the “fun” out of it as well. Hopefully WordPress (with a large number of plugins) will help keep the spam under control unlike the old version of Movable Type I had installed. For the record, when I logged into my MovableType blog, there were over 17,500 comments! After deleting all the spam, I was left with under 3,000 comments!