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Month: December 2007

Bewgo now live

It’s taken a lot lot longer then I wanted to (but only a week once I actually decided “What the hell, just get it working”), but is aliiiive! Ok, it’s just “another Open Directory Project” using site (using PHP5, Postgresql, phpODPWorld, SnapShots, Zend Search Lucene, and interaction with via their SOAP system). It’s not pretty at the moment and lots of the functionality I wanted in place isn’t yet in place – this is mainly because I just wanted “something” up and running. But have a look, and let me know what you think… At the very least, it’s given me some experience with the Zend Framework (where Zend Search Lucene comes from) – it’s not the best documented of systems (compared to the main PHP site and even, but I’ve muddled my way through the last few days..