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FreeAgentCentral – Brilliant customer support

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was considering switching to the FreeAgentCentral system to handle invoice creation, book keeping and general “keeping things in one place” sort of stuff – mainly because Free Agent Central offers a much more UK orientated system than FreshBooks.

However, I hit a snag. The agency I’m currently working through )Ashdown Group) requires signed printed timesheets from the client – and I’d like to be able to keep these in the same place as the invoice. Ideally, I’d like to have the scanned in timesheets attached to the invoice when it’s sent out to Ashdown. Freshbooks has a “documents” facility where you can classify files to a client/customer: but you can’t attach them to invoices. Free Agent has the facility to attach files to Expenses: but you can’t upload files for any other purpose.

I therefore asked them via their quite good public help system if they had any plans to implement this sort of facility – and the response I got from them was outstanding – not only did they say it was a good idea, but when they said they couldn’t get it implemented before my free trial ran out they would extend my trial free of charge until it’s implemented!

You can’t say much better than that: quick, accurate and customer orientated support which goes beyond boundaries (ok, Ed, who responded, does appear to be the “main guy” behind FAC so he’s got authority to make changes such as offering people FOC extensions) – and I’ll certainly be switching to Free Agent for my online book keeping and accounting and will be recommending them to my other half for her web design services and a PR company in Leicester who ask for suggestions yesterday.

Thanks again Ed!