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  • Clearing DNS caches

    Just moved your site to a new provider/host and want to try and clear various DNS caches? Well, using http://www.opendns.com/support/cache/ will clear OpenDNS and https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/cache will clear Google’s: so that should get quite a few people sorted (if you are running Chrome copying chrome://net-internals/#dns into the address bar will clear your local cache). Any body […]

  • [Techy] localdomain settings in Linux Mint using DNSMasq

    If you are developing websites on Linux Mint, then you might want to set a DNS Wildcard so that anything on localdomain (*.localdomain) resolves to your machine (i.e. test.localdomain , anything.localdomain). So how can you do this? First of all, you need to install dnsmasq “a lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server”, […]

  • Net: Shortest Valid Domain Names

    For the system I’m building, I’m putting in a check for valid domain names (technically URI/URLs) and one of the checks is for the length of the domain name. So what is the shortest domain name around? Well, I suspect in the uk it’s the British library at bl.uk [5 characters] and in the .com […]

  • Avoid US Domain Registrars – A Response

    My darling other half has just made another interesting blog post – this time about avoiding US domain registrars due to eNom (the second largest domain name registrar according to Webhosting.info) disabling domain names belonging to a British National (based in Spain) selling holidays/vacations in Cuba to European citizens (Nytimes article). Sounds good in theory […]

  • Techy: cPanel DNS Cleardown script

    Do you have many “old” cPanel servers? Perhaps you have the cpanel servers configured in a DNS cluster for redudancy? If so, you may encounter the same problem as I did where you have “stale” (or old) DNS zones cluttering up the server. Here’s a script to get rid of any unused zone files (use […]