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Friday Group Therapy: Friday the 13th

December 14th, 2002

leathercouch.jpgYep, I’m trying to continue the Friday Group Therapy thing that I joined last week. And, strangely enough, this weeks questions are orientated around Friday the 13th

  1. How is Friday the 13th treating you so far?
    Well, I have to confess I spent most of the day asleep. I didn’t go to bed until around 6am on Friday morning (just couldn’t feel tired) – and then I slept right through until around 3.30am Saturday morning.
  2. What kind of luck do you usually have? Good, bad, a mix of both?
    I have to say, that I usually seem to have a mixture of luck. I haven’t won the lottery, but then neither have I been involved in a major accident: the worse one that I can recall is when I was travelling back on the school bus to home, we turned a narrow country lane, and due to the icy conditions a car (also coming round the corner, but from the opposite direction) hit the bus (just underneath from where I was sitting) and caused it to go into a ditch. We all had to climb out the back emergency exit. No one was injured, luckily, but the car was a write-off and the bus had to be off the road for a couple of weeks for repairs.
    Although, if any one “with influence” is reading this, I could do with a bit more good luck at this point…

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