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Game: Hold The Button

December 10th, 2002

[Push Button]Continuing the button theme from yesterday, here a little basic Flash game you can play. It’s called simply “Hold The Button“, and you aren’t going to be able to guess what you have to do.

Ok – I’ll tell you: You’ve just got to Hold The Button (don’t faint – it wasn’t that difficult to guess)!. Yep, how long can you keep your finger on the mouse pressing a poor defenceless little button? I managed 2hr 45mins before I needed the computer for something else – and even than I only “held the button longer than 50.2% of visitors”. No, I didn’t rest anything of the mouse to cheat like that: I can certainly say that the only thing to touch the mouse or my keyboard during that time was myself. But, then again, I did have better things to do with my time then just sit there pressing a button… I’ll leave you to guess how I managed it 🙂

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