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Hosted GIT Repositories

November 26th, 2011

Many of you developers have used Github, but when you want an organisation’s code hosted (in private repositories), Github can be quite expensive. The current rates are:

Plan Price Private repositories Collaborators Disk space
Organisations: Platinum $200/month 125 Unlimited 60Gb
Organisations: Gold $100/month 50 Unlimited 20Gb
Organisations: Silver $50/month 20 Unlimited 6Gb
Organisations: Bronze $25/month 10 Unlimited 2.4Gb
Personal only: Medium $22/month 20 10 2.4Gb
Personal only: Small $12/month 10 5 1.2Gb
Personal only: Micro: $7/month 5 1 0.6Gb

(Disk spaces on Github are “soft-limits”)
All packages include unlimited public projects.

So, what alternatives are there?
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