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Tag: recruitment

Contracting: Looking for work: Unusual job sources

I’m aware that a number of people reading this blog at the moment are looking for work – well, here’s a few resources you can try that you may not have considered:

(yes, Workcircle should be paying me a small commission if you find a job through their system).

Are there any unusual resources for IT jobs that you know about which you’d like to share?

Work: Recruitment Companies – did you know…

Were you aware that some of the largest IT recruitment companies such as Computer Futures, Huxley Associates, Progressive (all three of which have recently received my CV and details of my contracting abilities: and if you are interested, let me know!) and Pathway (and 8 others) are all part of the same company SThree? I’ve suspected it for a while, but only now just thought I’ll spend the few minutes looking into it.

It appears Sthree also operate The IT Job and is the same company that found two strangers enjoying “relations” on one of their desks at Christmas!

It’s amazing what you can turn up with a quick search – and if their CV submission systems didn’t have the same placeholder text for the “contractor opt out” section, I might not have looked as much as I did.