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Spam: How I handle Spam

November 20th, 2002

[start rant inspired by over 300 spam emails in 30 minutes]
Since Friday, I’ve been reporting a selection of the spam I’ve been receiving to SpamCop. On Sunday, I decided to sign up and become a “paid member” – which allows me to, erm, help support SpamCop as far as I can see (oh – and actually set a few preferences and see my “usage levels”).

The way I’ve been “working things” is, I first use MailWasher to filter my email and bounce+delete the majority of the spam I receive. I leave around 10% of the spam to get through to my mail box (usually manually selected on the criteria of “unique destination” or “unique subject”). Once it arrives in my InBox, I then use the Microsoft Outlook 2000 utility SpamSource to “bounce” the messages off to SpamCop for processing. I then pop along to the SpamCop website and send off the complaints to the various ISPs (I used to be able to do this under RISC OS using just JunkMail – but that’s no longer a possibility for myself alas). The ISPs then (hopefully) deal with my complaint and cut off the spammer.

Since signing up to SpamCop (and “donating” to them via PayPal) on Sunday at 14.55 UTC (less than 4 days ago), I’ve sent them around 0.8Mb of spam, from which they predict I’ll send them 82.9Mb of spam per year. Remember that’s approximately a tenth of the spam I get (probably a lot less) – meaning I end up with over 830Mb of spam a year! Nearly a gig! That’s more spam than you can fit on a CD! Spamcop would ask for a “donation” of around $830 to “part-process” all of that – and it doesn’t take into account MY time, MY bandwidth or MY storage that the spammers take up. And the spammers claim “it costs nothing to delete our spam” – well, have a look at those figures and think again.

Oh, and thanks to SpamHaus, I’ve found out that spam has been outlawed in Europe.
[end rant]

Book Review: Blott on The Landscape

November 20th, 2002

Ok, the “Books” category is lagging behind with the number of posts, so I’ll try and even it out by doing a review of one of the 3 paper backs I read yesterday – “Blott On The Landscape” by Tom Sharpe.

Sir Giles Lynchwood, MP, married Maud Handyman of Handyman Hall, Cleene Gorge, Worfordshire, for her money and property. But, due to a pre-martial agreement, the only way he can get some money for Handyman Hall is by arranging to have a new motorway (M101) put through Cleene Gorge and Handyman Hall subject to a compulsory purchase order. But Giles could not take into account the actions and problems caused by the numerical-obsessed Ministry Of Environment troubleshooter Dundridge or Lady Maud’s adoring gardener Blott…
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News: WSJ on Blogging

November 20th, 2002

The Wall Street Journal has a good article about blogging (link to 3rd party site as the WSJ keeps it’s “archives” for subscribers only). It covers quite a number of blog directories as well, but doesn’t mention the ODP’s category though (which I’m a bit disappointed about as I’ve been working a bit in those categories recently).

Oh, and did you know that the UK’s Guardian news paper has it’s own online blog?

Fun: DaveZilla and his weird dates

November 20th, 2002

I’ve been reading Davezilla’s blog for a while now, but when he started talking about his 13th worst date ever, I felt really sorry for the bloke. Imagine having a date where your partner’s family only speak Klingon at home? Horrifying! (at least to me). Luckily, once I had read his archive of worst dates it all became clear…

Warning: Do not read his worst date archives if you happen to be having a drink at the same time!

Weird: Animal “thingys”

November 20th, 2002

I swear I’ll have to make a “Net: Just plain weird” category at this rate!

Please please don’t tell me that these people are serious about selling animal shaped dildos. And, no, I’m not talking about dildos that are actually shaped like an animal – but one’s that are shaped like animal’s..erm..erm..genitalia. Yep – that’s the word I was looking for! And they’ve been designed for “usage”… They’ve even got a dog knot one and a kangaroo one (at least the shape explains why Kangaroo’s keep on hoping). Thank goodness they don’t have a blue whale one (10ft long and 1ft in diameter!).

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