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Blogging: Thanks ciaran!

November 23rd, 2002

I’ve just like to take a moment to thank Ciaran for spotting a few mistakes in my blog – just thinks like links leading to the wrong site (the URL in my BlogChalked entry went to a domain-squatters site instead of the correct, links not leading any-where (a recent entry didn’t have the full site URL, only the path – therefore it was referencing the wrong server) and slight typos on the recent events of the Nigerian spammer Jerry Duruibe (mainly me mis-keying the date of deposit and the fax number on the transcript of the deposit certificate).

Cheers ciaran! 🙂 (credit where credit’s due and all that!).

Spam: Nigerian Jerry Duruibe: Day 6

November 23rd, 2002

CERTDEP.JPGI’ve been a bit busy the past few days, but I’ll bring you up to speed with what’s happening with Jerry, and how helpful he’s been (he’s sent some documents – a copy of ‘Albert Pilchards’ will, his death certificate and a certificate of deposit) so let’s continue the tale of the Nigerian spammer who claims I could inherit a fortune (for background information see day 5, day 4, day 3, day 2 or go right back to the very start with day 1).

Oh, and yes, transcripts of all the documents he sent (all were JPG format) have been made – ideal if you are received the same files from the spammer and were doing a search to find some “background data”….
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Weird: Egg Separator

November 23rd, 2002

Peter Petrie Egg Separator
Yuck! Further to previous thoughts, I’ve decided to create a ‘Net: Weird’ category – mainly because this strange item falls into no other category…

The Peter Petrie Egg Separator helps you separate the contents of an egg: just crack an egg into the top of it and you can pour out the albumen (white) of the egg – keeping the high-cholesterol yolk trapped inside. Ideal for omelettes, cakes or other recipes.

All well and good – except look at the design of it! It’s a hand-crafted ceramic head with a huge nose and the albumen drips through the nostrils. Just like vomit does when you are trying to keep your mouth shut – can you think of anything else more likely to put you off your food? Yuck and yuck again!

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