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Weird: Real Hamsters!

[Hamsters]After a little “something” for Crimbo/Xmas (depending on which side of the Atlantic you are from)? All alone at home? Well, have I got the perfect gift for you!

The Real Hamster is “the world’s finest love hamster” and is realistic, lifesize, lifelike (“anatomically correct, if better endowed than most real hamsters”), beautiful, and elastic (“remains tight even after millions of operations”).

Yep, just like that strange human-shaped Real Doll you can get (sorry – no link’s as it’s a bit “too” Adult for linking from here: but use Google), you can select the “Body Type” you want, “Head Type”, fur, nose and eye colour/color as well as any “extras”.

So, if you love animals in more than “one way” and don’t want to break the law – then order away!

Oh, and the “Original Dancing Hampsters” have a Christmas dance (you can still see the original hamster dance at a number of mirror sites). Ahh – listening to that little clip made me get out my copy of Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia which was a single by the Cuban Boys with a “full length” song of the Hamster Dance.

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  1. caitlin caitlin

    my hampster is a male called alfie

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