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February 9th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Gridlock]“Physical, Skill, Mental or Mystery?” was the question asked by Richard O’Brien (then Edward Tudor-Pole) on the UK Channel 4 quiz show “The Crystal Maze”. Did you know that the set of that show was the size of a football pitch and that each series took five weeks to shoot, four months to edit and 14 weeks to screen?

Nope – well, that sounds like the amount of time I’m going to be playing the Mental game Gridlock – simply slide the pieces around to release the blue rectangle through the exit. No time limit or “automatic lock in” unlike the Crystal Maze (plus you can reset each level if you get really stuck) – but still extremely difficult! I’ve managed (over the past few days when I’ve actually had a spare waking moment) to get as far as level 17. Half an hour on the level and it’s still causing me difficulties! Some people have rumoured to have got up to level 40, but I think it’ll take me some time to get there.

Can you do any better (meaning I’m probably got at the moment the mental capacity of a squashed badger) or are you still Grid locked in Grid Lock?

(And, no, the game Gridlock has no resemblance to the Ben Elton book by the same name [Order from] )

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  1. tmmrasta says:

    I’m up to level 40, but I’m stuck now! That’s frustrating!

  2. xrmb says:

    I’m level 40 too, now way out there? Well, its the last level 🙂

  3. magicker72 says:

    wow level 40 is IMPOSSIBLE! ARRRG

  4. jenn says:

    I’m stuck at 40 too! Been there for a week and still can’t figure this one out.

  5. Fluffy says:

    40 is crazy, I can tell you the horizontal sliding bar on the top row needs to be in the upper left hand corner to win though… 🙂 and level 41 is just blank, no hidden blocks that I’ve found or anythin, just blank. It reminds me of all those video games that had great games and the end of the game is like, Congratulations! game over.

  6. fudgeit says:

    hey. i’ve actually done a google search to find a way past level 28. *tragic*
    ph33r m3: it shouldn’t have deleted your progress, i deleted my cookies and it hasn’t sent me back to level 1? so. anyone know how to crack level 28? pleeeeease?

  7. fudgeit says:

    me again. 5 seconds after i post that message, i get past level 28. whoa.

  8. rene says:

    I’m stuck on level 31…can anyone help me finish this level before I throw my mouse across the room?

  9. rene says:

    Well well well…its amazing what one can accomplish in a six hours…I posted above at 4:45 AM and now I’m posting at 10:20 AM to say I just finished level 40…my eyes are glazed over and I am gonna dream about this damn game tonight for sure, but I finished it…yay for me…now if only I could remember exactly what I did on each level I could sell the answers to all those who are stumped…damn another money-making opportunity down the drain!

  10. Spike says:

    well I did all right until level 29.. for some reason I’m hung up on it.. any hints would be greatly appreciated. To all of you who made it to 40.. Way to go!!

  11. tigris says:

    did fine until level 31. does anyone know how to pass level 31. if so please help. i am about ready to throw my laptop across the room.

  12. tigris says:

    did fine until level 31. does anyone know how to pass level 31. if so please help. i am about ready to throw my laptop across the room.

  13. tigris says:

    me again, i finally got past level 31, now i’m stuck on 34. this game is starting to get me frustrated. help me. i’m addicted to it.

  14. Canguy says:

    i’ve been scratching my head so long over level 40 i’m bleeding.


  15. Mike says:

    This game was simple, I beat it in less than 3 hours…I played it for 4 days in periods of 45 minutes or less in my computer class.

  16. megs says:

    im at level 10 and i cant pass it, if anyone can help me please email me

  17. kassy crummins says:

    yeah it goes up to 40 but thats all there is kuz i completed the whole game NO JOKE!

  18. tiny says:

    Hehehehehhe beat the game in less then 2,5 hour 😛

  19. HAHAHA I BEAT IT!!!!!! says:

    HAHAHA I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!, i gave level 40 a rest then came back, and i solved it, but i dont know what i did, i just clicked around randomly and got it!

  20. Boobaloo says:

    I’ve been sitting on lvl 40 all day. Keep going back to it and moving the peices around only to find that I’m one inch away once again ARRRGH! I WILL beat it though… Others claim to have gotten through 40 so it must be possible…


  21. torey says:

    I’m really stuck at 25. It seems like nobody else has a problem with it.. hmmmm.

  22. Miriam says:

    psshh this was F*cking easy.

  23. Hammy says:

    So is level 40 the end? I’ve been staring at the blank “Level 41” for a while wondering if it’s some kind of trick. Have I completed the game then?

  24. shayne-o says:

    lol i owned this game i didnt go over 30 moves on any stage…too easy

  25. adell says:

    gaaaaahhh!! i can’t beat level 25 on gridlock!!!!!
    i feel like such a loser!!

  26. Tim-c-gamefrenzy says:

    OK so i have been working on this game for a while…im at 41 and there are no blocks. just a blank page!!! Anybody know What the piss to do?

  27. becky says:

    i hate how when you win it doesn’t even say congrats. just goes to a blank level 41. how lame. -_-

  28. Singh says:

    hey guys i beat the game under 2 hours and after u beat it, it starts agian but from lvl 1 and keeps spinning no point in this game same lvls and shyt so i dont no why they wont make the leavels even

    easy game

  29. meee says:

    Help me at level 25. 🙁 pleaaase.
    I will cry if i dont get past it.

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