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February 10th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Amy and Leela in Amazon Women In The Mood]WHY am I so blinking tired? I got home from work today (after deviating to the shops for around 5 minutes to grab some essentials such as Milk, Bread and Pepsi), booted my computer up (it failed last night so I left it off), waited five minutes, reset, waited another five minutes, reset, waited another five minutes, reset, went into the BIOS and made a very very minor change (turned AGP off), reset, waited two minutes and it worked.

I dunno why, when my computer fails to boot into Windows 2000 Professional (failing three quarters of the way through the ‘flag’ startup screen), a small minor BIOS change should do anything (especially since it came up from a hard reset), but it’s extremely low on my list of things to investigate. I suspect when I make a BIOS change it just changes a status somewhere in the machine’s RAM or BIOS that Windows really likes but…

Any way, after it booted, I checked my emails (300 in mail box, around 40 actually reached my machine), did a quick check of my “daily reads” of weblogs and stuff and then I thought I’d finish watching the last 10 minutes of the Futurama [Order from] episode I was watching last night: “Amazon Women in the Mood” if you must know. It’s the episode where Leela, Amy, Zap and Kif crashland their restaurant on a planet of Amazonian women and then Fry and Bender try and rescue them. It’s quite a funny episode – the dress Amy is wearing is extremely nice (yeah, yeah, I know she’s a cartoon character), the dialogue is quite good even though it’ll anger feminists who think they can play basketball (it’s more than just the fundamentals girls!) and some of the expressions are funny – especially Fry’s and Zap’s reaction when they are sentenced to death by snu-snu (basically being f*ck*d to death: what would your reaction be? πŸ˜‰ ). I’d love to learn Cantonese to find out why Amy and Bender said to each other in that episode – but I think it’ll be a little

Anyway, I was watching it whilst laying on my bed drinking a Lime Red Star Vodka Ice alcoholic drink and less than 10 minutes later I was asleep! My Mum then called at 9.05pm, not waking me up (even though the phone is less than 4 foot away from my head and turned up loud). I eventually woke up around 10.30pm, heard a bleeping from downstairs (the answer phone), so I found out who it was – turned off all the downstairs lights, set the burglar alarm etc – called her back and now I’m typing this. She reminded me that it’s my youngest sisters 18th birthday this time next week and I’ve got no idea what to get her πŸ™

Now, I just need to find out why I’m so tired as of late. There’s no physical reason I can think of, and I don’t think it’s a mental problem either (when I have got a “lot to think about” I normally “do” longer hours – in some instances over 48 hours awake non-stop). Oh well…

*grr* As I’ve typed the above, it seems Guess That Movie 23 has been correctly guessed by Kymberlie (one of the more frequent players). I’ll have to now award her her hard earned points and get the next image up – in some ways I’ll be glad when I’ve automated it (as I’m doing on the new website) as then I won’t have to do the hassle of working out the scores by hand…

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  1. Neil T. says:

    Hey, I had a Lime Red Star Vodka on Sunday while watching Austin Powers – you didn’t get it from Jacksons, did you?

  2. Richy C. says:

    Stop trying to spook me out!

    Yes, it was from Jacksons and I also had one whilst watching some of Austin Powers II on Sunday as well.

    Next thing I know, you’ll probably be asking for my autograph!

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