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Fun: Garden Ornament not for cat lovers

[Lovely Garden OrnamentNow that spring is, in theory, just around the corner – perhaps it’s about time I thought about mowing my back lawn: after all, it was last mown around 3 months after I moved into my house – and it IS getting like a jungle out there.

However, I’m not a gardener so the chances of making any “proper changes” are extremely low – I’ve still got to get the fence repaired. But if I do make any changes, I might see if I can get hold of one of these lovely garden ornaments.

Does any one know where you can get one? 😀


  1. Marion Brwon Marion Brwon

    Love the expression on girl’s face. I’m a cat lover but really love this ornament.

  2. Jake Jake

    If i knew where to buy such a “makes you stop and wonder” garden ornament i would snatch it up right away. It’s wicked either way.

  3. Jake Jake

    tell me where to buy this item please Mr Richy Rambling???????

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