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Month: February 2003

Techy: Automated Nominet Registration

I’ve recently got my own Nominet “tag” so that I can register my very own .uk domain names with the registry body. Ok, my employer has their own Nominet tag as well – but since they are now a member of Nominet they can register domain names at a cost of around £5 instead of £80 I’ve got to fork out if I want to register one (yep, you get a £75 discount PER DOMAIN if you are a member of Nominet – tag holders get no discount). Anyway, I’ve got to put in place a mechanism so that the registration of domain names via Nominet is quick, simple and automated. Sounds easy – after all, Nominet do have a nice Automaton that you can interface with via email. Ok – it’s not perfect (as it isvia email instead of one of the many many other protocols such as SOAP with XML that could be used for ‘instantaneous’ results) but at least it’s automated… Alas – there’s a catch. To confirm the authenticity of each request, every email to the Nominet Automaton has to be PGP signed. And can I get a nice automated PGP signing system running? Nope. There’s…

News: Now I’ve seen a Kiwi fl-iy!

Discovered via the ODP on Ananova news: Kiwi caught speeding semi-naked on motorised bar stool! Ok, not quite the little flightless bird, but rather a drunken New Zealander on a motorised bar stool (which can reach speeds of 50mph) being stopped by police. Oh – and by looks of things, he also had tried the old trick of “setting light to his farts” and, in true comedic style, it “back fired” and he was on the motorised stool with a burning arse! Just when you think you’ve seen it all! Heh! John Sullivan got 200 hours of community service for driving the stool without registration or a warrant (which, I’d guess, it practically a tax disc).

Poll: Who is number one?

No, it hasn’t got too much to do with The Prisoner , but Michele pointed me towards the What Number Are You? quiz. After confirming that I do exist, how I feel about other people and whether or not I like maths it says that: I am the number2I am friendly Hmm, yep, I would declare myself as friendly – but people say “oh – don’t worry about him: he’s just being friendly” about a dog that’s about to savage your leg off… What Number Are You?

Fun: Cartoon Physics

Ever wondered what the laws of Physics that popular cartoon characters have to abide by are? Well, the research has been done and so I present the Cartoon Laws Of Physics:

Law 1
Any body suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation.

Example: Wile E Coyote chases the Roadrunner off the edge of a cliff and keeps running until he looks down and realises he’s in midair – then gravity takes over and the familiar rule of 32 feet per second per second takes over.

Law 2
Any body in motion will tend to remain in motion until solid matter intervenes suddenly.

Example: Whether shot from a cannon or in hot pursuit on foot, cartoon characters are so absolute in their momentum that only a telephone pole or an outsize boulder retards their forward motion absolutely. Sir Isaac Newton called this sudden termination of motion the stooge’s surcease.

Guess That Movie: XXIX: Lady And The Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure

Murphy’s law – just as soon as I send ph33r_m3 an email to let him know about his prize – Kymberlie manages to score enough points to be able to get one! Yep, she was the first one to correctly guess that the image in Guess That Movie round 28 was taken from the 2002 remake of H.G.Well’s The Time Machine which starred Guy Pearce (better known to me as ‘Mike’ from Neighbours – but also popularly known as “Felicia Jollygoodfellow” from “The Adventures of Priscilla – Queen of The Desert”). So it like at the end of this “batch of rounds” in this castle of confusion? (a batch is nine images), Kymberlie will be getting a congratulations email from me…But will anyone else? If you make a guess with your name (or alias), your email address (for my usage only) and the name of the movie you are guessing at – and get it correct – then you could be on the way to the magical “500 point prize” mark in no time! So, welcome all you watchers of illusion (hey, that’s what movies are!) – if you guess that movie within 12 hours of it being posted and…