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Snippet: Me urgh, You Human?

February 16th, 2003

*snippet* Extremely quick summary: Woke up at 10am after around 6hrs sleep, went shopping with parents, had large breakfast, came back, went to parents house (around 3 or 4pm). Had large amount of Single Malt Whisky (two reasonable sized glasses), had large dinner (jacket spud with beans and cheese), had pudding (pie with custard), had peach drink (mixed with remains of malt whisky), had Burger King Super Cheeseburger. Got home, fell asleep (set alarm just in case I did), woke up at 11pm to turn everything off (lights etc) – have headache: possibly hangover – stomach doesn’t feel too good. Going to sister’s 18th birthday dinner tomorrow night.

Needless to say, no “major” blogging for me until after the meal tomorrow – hopefully in the morning I’ll be able to string together more coherent sentences and write stuff sense make that.

[add: and my main computer is still suffering major technical problems-aargh 🙁 ]

Personal: Technical Difficulties

February 16th, 2003

[Technical Difficulties]As previously mentioned, I’ve been performing a number of upgrades to my machines recently. All of my server ones went without a hitch (and the upgrade to Movable Type 2.6 went perfectly: I even took the time to update few other things in the config, move a few files around, implement ‘close comments’ in my templates and fix a small number of things that have been bugging me: amendment: I’ve just discovered I failed to make updates to a couple of custom MT scripts I’ve created – now fixed) – but the upgrades I performed on my home machine (from OS patches to BIOS upgrades) didn’t quite have the desired affect.

Basically, all this week I’ve been trying to watch series 2 episode 9 (A Bicyclops Built for Two) of Futurama, but every time I tried to do so my computer totally crashed (4 times). Blarg – luckily I only lost unsaved work once. I ended up downloading a copy of the episode of the episode off the computer and playing it through WinAmp3 (which I was using for the original episode) and it worked.
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Guess That Movie: XXVI: The Dish

February 16th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 26]Kymberlie’s rising in the score chart by adding an extra 95 points to her total by correcting Guessing That the Movie in round 25 was Not Another Teen Movie. She’s just 120 points away from the “500 prize point” – but will anybody guess that movie before her and steel away her points?

Now let’s move on to Guess That Movie Round 26 (that’s XXVI in roman numerals by the way) – here’s a screenshot taken from near the end of a film whose main actor (or actress) was also a main/major actor in one of the previous Guess That Movie featured films. Which round it was or who the actor is, I’m not mentioning: but they are shown in this screenshot! Shame it’s their silhouette!

Enter your guess by making a comment!
A: The Dish. [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Guess That Movie: XXV: Not Another Teen Movie

February 14th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 25]Kymberlie managed to Guess her way to another 60 points (which puts her in third place now: but only by 5 points) by correctly recognising Guess That Movie 24 as being taken from the movie Coyote Ugly [Order from] . The screen shot(s) were taken from the scene where Violet (Piper Perabo) thinks that Kevin (Adam Garcia) is a night club manager and tries to give him her tape of music. The people in the screen shot are Kevin’s friends who just hang in the background.

Ok, on to round 25. At the end of round 18 I did, in fact, spend around 4 hours watching movies and taking screen shots for Guess That Movie to try and speed up the “turn around” (instead of find movie, play movie, find good scene, take screen shot, upload screen shot, write text it was going to be: upload screen shot and text) after an image has been guessed – but I seemed to have made the last few a little bit too hard to guess. Kymberlie was the only person will to even hazard a guess at Coyote Ugly (and she was correct!) and that took her just over 3 days. So, I think it’s time for a slightly easier one now.

Take a look at this pig of a picture, it’s not another hard movie so it should be easy to guess – and once you think you know which movie it is, just enter your guess and go for the prize(s)! I’ve decided I’m going to give EVERYBODY that gets over 500 points by the end of round 29 a prize. The larger the score, the better the prize. How generous am I? (of course, donations to the prize pool are more than welcome – text advert purchasing is also available: 250impressions minimum buy: at a cost of just $2.50 for a thousand!). Hopefully by the round 30, I’ll have the new site up and running – whether I’ll be able to transfer over the scores is another matter… Don’t worry if you are a new player: if you are able to guess the next 5 movies correctly (without anybody incorrectly guessing) – each within 12 hours of them being posted, you’ll get a prize!
A: Not Another Teen Movie [Order from] Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Snippet: Upgrades In Process

February 14th, 2003

*snippet* As I’ve just performed a number of updates/upgrades on my home machine (more about that later perhaps), I’m now going to be updating my server with various things – hence if this blog is unavailable for ten minutes or so, or if you are unable to post comments – at least you’ll know why. I’ll try and keep downtime to a minimum, but it’ll take as long as it takes.
Upgrades completed at 22:23

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