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Work: New Website Construction

February 13th, 2003

[New Work Website]For the last week and a bit, along with all my many other work duties, I’ve been constructing a new website for the company I work for. Nothing too amazing about that – I’ve already lost count of the number of websites I’ve built (I can only just remember the domain names for sites that I personally own!), but this is the first time I’m using Flash [Order from] .

Yep, the “nearly-the-spawn- of-Satan-if- Frontpage [Order from] -and-Dreamweaver [Order from] -didn’t-get-there first” web coding thingy. Search engine unfriendly, dial up access unfriendly and bloated like hell. Yuck! Oh well, I just make the sites to “the client specification” and it’s just my luck that in this case the client is my own boss 🙂 If he wants a Flash driven website, then a Flash driven website he gets…

Actually, whilst SWiSH (the program I’m using to make the Flash movie/site) is quite easy to use (the website is already quite nifty looking and does everything it needs to do), it doesn’t seem that “stable”. I some how managed to crash it around 6 times in 20 minutes just by amending parts of the movie. Blarg.
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Fun: F— Her Gently

February 13th, 2003

[F Her Gently]In a blatant attempt to cash in on Valentine’s Day tomorrow, here’s a large Flash Movie (over 2.9Mb: so modem users would be better giving this a miss) about how to treat a woman in the “bedroom scene”. Oh – “Richy’s Random Ramblings has rated this Flash Movie an 18 as it is not suitable for minors. This Flash Movie DOES (not “may” her) explicit strong language, nudity and images of a sexual related nature”. Do NOT play in an office environment with your speakers on loud!

Basically, I think it’s by the same people that made Ren And Stimpy (Spumco), has a good additive musical score (by Tenacious D [Order from] ) and it’s extremely funny and enjoyable.

Go on my flibblepenguins, eat the Valentine’s niftyness!

(Drat – whilst writing this entry, I’ve found out that the Tenacious D website does, in fact, have this movie for download – but it’s the version where the girl doesn’t wear a bra-top. You’ve now got a choice of devil worshipping sexual related stuff!)

Snippet: Guess That Movie Round 24 still unguessed

February 13th, 2003

*snippet* Wow! I must be making Guess That Movie really hard unintentionally! Round 24 has, at the time of this post, not even had one guess made against it! 🙁

I’ve even added an extra image to it to try and make things even easier (basically the extra image is more of the same scene where the original image is from) and I’ve added a few more clues (to supplement the 2 already shown in the original post). If you are wearing an enormous foam helm of stupidity, then here’s a big foam cluebat with the clues highlighted:

…not so ugly face..breakfast…3 in the morning…nightclub…jumper, jersey…

Go on – have a guess!

Guess That Movie: XXIV: Coyote Ugly

February 13th, 2003

[Guess That Movie round 24]Kymberlie managed to pick up another 50 points for correctly recognising the previous Guess That Movie image as being taken from the 2001 movie Birthday Girl. Starring Nicole Kidman (who’s been in the UK news recently) as a “mail order Russian bride” called Sophia and Ben Chaplin as her purchaser John (it’s his crotch and jumper you saw in the screen shot) it’s a little comedy romance with the taglines “Before They Share A Future, They Have To Survive Her Past” and “Somebody’s In For A Big Surprise”.

Even though Kymberlie R. McGuire has assistance from her co-worker (yep, you are allowed to get people to help you – but don’t blame me if they start guessing the movie behind your back), she only picked up an additional 50 points (as it had been over 2 days since the image had been posted – taking the value down by 30 points, and there had been 4 incorrect guesses before hers – taking it down by another 20). She just needs another 60 points to move into third place ahead of “Super Beastmaster” (another 275 points and she can claim a prize!).

Anyway, take a look at this image: I’ll tell you know, I won’t be able to give you this characters name as she’s just a minor figure in the film in question and I don’t think she speaks at all. But surly you can recognise her not so ugly face? (and that wasn’t just me finding a different way of saying “pretty” or “beautiful” it was, in fact, a clue!). Just leave a comment with your name, email address and your guess and I’ll let you know if you are right or wrong.

Now, I’ve just got to get back to sleep – I want breakfast in the morning, but I don’t want to stay up past 3 in the morning to have it.
Additional Clue Image + Clues added on 2003-02-13 19:50
Originally posted at: 2003-02-10 23:56:32
A: Coyote Ugly [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire
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Poll: Are You A Blogaholic?

February 11th, 2003

[Are you a Blogaholic?]Shamelessly copying Neil, I decided to take Firda’s Are You A Blogaholic? quiz/poll thing as well to see how “addicted” I am to the whole keeping a web log/blog type thing…

Low and behold – I got exactly the same results as Neil (68/100: the average is 43.3points out of a hundred). What do the results mean? Well, “68 points is in the 51 through 80 percent” range which means: “You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You’re the best kind of weblogger. Way to go”

Cool: I agree with that (I wonder if the 171 other people that “made the same grade as me” also agree with their results). Admittedly, I haven’t had much of a social live recently (been too tired: sometimes too tired to even blog), but still… Oh FYI – the “81 through 100 percent” range means “You’re definitely a blogaholic. You dedicate most of your time to weblogging that you forget to have a social life. There’s still life outside Bloggerville, you know. Try to go out more, ‘kay?” and only 46 people got that result.

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