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Month: April 2003

Snippet: Murphy’s Law

*snippet* Damn Murphy and his laws… Guess That Movie round 46 had just been guessed correctly by Kymberlie and I thought I’d capture the next image from a “live” television movie (ok, live as in it was coming down my aerial at that point). Unfortunately, I had dinner, came up stairs to my computer and waited for the ideal screenshot… However, 5 minutes from the end of the movie is not a good time to try and get a good image – only one I managed to get would be waaayyy too obvious and hence I’m having to search my pre-recorded movies now to try and find an image.

Polls: Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

I’ve justed taken the “Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?” which shows the “which of the ten primary personality disorders do you suffer from”. According to it, I’m an ‘avoidant’ which means: Poor baby. You’re so shy, that some of the pricks out there may mutter about your ‘retardedness’ behind your back. Yet, as pricky as they are, you just wish you could be their friend. You hunger for social relationships, yet the anxiety is too strong. Thus, you mostly hang out in your own head, and sink into deep depressions. Well, I’m certainly shy, and tend to think of “people as just being there” (i.e. I’m not that fussed if I’ve got 1 friend or 100) but believe me – you wouldn’t want to hang out in my head – it’s scary in there! There’s this big grey jelly like mass which I swear is trying to take over my head – 23 years ago it was quite small but it’s grown so much it’s worrying…. Depression – well, there’s two quotes I’ve got a tendency to use. One was from the old BBC microcomputer game “Plan B” which, when you died, said “Oh well, such is a life”…

Fun: Your Not Me

I’ve just come across the Your Not Me website which is based on the 2000 UK Census data and allows you to see how popular your name is in the United Kingdom. According to the site, there are 3 other people in the UK with the same name as myself: my eldest sister is the only one of her name in the UK, my youngest sister would be likewise (if she was actually old enough to be included in the census at that point – it only includes over 18s). There are 12,547 “John Smith”s in the UK – and the most popular forenames are: John (1,264,441), David (1,046,833), Margaret (704,453), Michael (669,377) and James (587,292) – and the most popular surnames are Smith (552,342), Jones (421,842), Williams (290,742), Brown (265,543), Taylor (256,820) – and more details are available on the top ten page: it’s quite fun finding out how many people share your name… (photograph taken by a certain person – not me – for The Mirror Project – but it was just about the only thing I could think of to represent ‘Your Not Me’).

Blogging: March Blog Stats

Blog UsageWell, it’s been a whole two months since I last did a blog stats post, so what are the figures looking like now?

Well, my blogging activity has gone down a bit recently: this will be my 390th post: that’s only a rise of 90 posts in two months (45 a month) which is a bit poor for me (I was averaging nearly 100 a month). But I have managed to get 586 comments posted: that’s an extra 342 comments in two months – wow!

I’ll try and include February’s details here as well as March’s: I’ve had 118,574 hits during March (5,155 per day) – this is an increase of the 92,475 hits in January (2,983 per day), but a decrease from February’s 140,998 hits (5,035 per day) – and no, I’m not quite sure of how I can have more hits in February (which only has 28 days), yet a lower daily average – Webalizer must be playing up.

These hits were made up of 12,981 visits during March (564 a day), up again from January’s 11,040 (356 a day), but down from Feb’s 15,992 (571). I suspect it could be due to the war in Iraqi that is currently on going (many many sites have experienced a downturn in visitor numbers) – so I’m not too worried about it: At least I’m “only” using 1,245,191Kb (1.18Gb) of traffic and it’s down from Feb’s record beating 1,575,503Kb (1.50Gb) usage and up from Jan’s 9,82,762Kb (0.94Gb) – of course, these figures don’t include images…