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Month: April 2003

Snippet: Very Annoying!

*snippet* Aaargghhh! Luuuseerrs!

Yep, it’s been “one of those days” where I’m just going to be using this blog as a “location for letting off steam”. And the fact that my job would be so much easier if we didn’t have customers to worry about *grr* Unfortunately, they pay the wages so 🙁

Basically, we’ve had to make a few configuration changes in anticipation of a major systems upgrade across our network of servers: nowt too bad you would think. Except, as with any major computer changes, there are bound to be a few minor hiccups (even Slashdot suffers from them when they move/upgrade servers: and they are “techy techys”!). Of the 400+ customers which were affected by this weeks changes, less than a dozen of them noticed the changes (I was actually aiming for none of them).

However, whilst most of that few dozen were content just to let things “reset” themselves (the .uk zone file seems to be delayed with making its updates: hence has caused us a few problems), we’ve got a couple of “vocal customers” that are reporting “major problems: critical: fix now” type messages. I’m extremely good on customer support (I’ve often been told I’m “too good”), but we run a very tight budget and hence I have to be careful how I regulate my time and try not to “over service” customers too much. However, I’m more than willing to go out of my way to people paying £50, £100, £1,000 per year to help them.

But those aren’t the people that are complaining. Oh no. The people that are complaining are the ones that got totally free webhosting with their domain name registration (I’ve seen our rivals selling “webhosting+domain name” for £40 a year: we do domain name registrations for less than £20 and “throw in” a free webhosting account). Yep: the customers which we don’t make any money from are the ones that are complaining especially “the web is important to my business so the site needs to be running”: in that case, spend more than £20 on your website hosting! If it is “really critical”, then find someone offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) etc: but you will have to pay – several hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds for that level of guaranteed service!


(rant over)

Snippet: Unplanned Time Off

*snippet* As you may have noticed, there haven’t been that many blog entries from myself the past few days : just been waay too tired. I’m actually planning on taking some time off until May (that’s on Thursday) to try and hopefully give me time to “recover” from whatever is wearing me down. If I’m still feeling as s**t as I am at the moment (not really hungry, extremely tired) at that point, I think I’ll have to consult a doctor to find out exact what’s up 🙁

Snippet: Too Technical Tonight

*snippet* Sorry there’s been no entries on Saturday (yesterday/today), I’ve been reading a very good book all day and haven’t been able to pull my self away from it. I’ve just finished it, but 1.30am in the morning is not a good time to go into the technical details of quarks, electrons, special relativity vs general relativity and the rest of the technical gubbins….

I read some strange books!

Snippet: Screen shot unguessed

*snippet* Nearly 4 and a half days on and Guess That Movie 51 still hasn’t been guessed! It’s shocking!

If it’s any help, I’ll clarify the clues I’ve already given out on the post:
* It’s a picture of a cat (to be more exact a new born kitten)
* There’s a connection to round 51’s Jay And Silent Bob movie (at least one of the actors appears in both movies)
* There’s another clue mentioned in the text of round 51 (but it’ll be waay too obvious if I were to highlight the 4 words which make up the clue)
and I’ll give another couple of clues:
* “If you guess this movie right, you’ll probably be a winner. If not, you’ll be a loser.”
* Having affairs with your teacher isn’t right, neither is paying a homeless person to answer a phone for you.
* Deerstalker caps went out of style ages ago – unless your name is Sherlock Holmes.

Enough clues: there’s still around 50 points left to win – so get guessing!

Techy: RAM Revisited

SDRAM memory upgradeJust a quick update on the RAM shortage I blogged about earlier.

For a while at work, we’ve had a massive 1Gb of RAM just “sitting around” the office: we came across it in the office move, but it isn’t compatible with any of our work machines so it had just been looking for a home. My boss tried it in his home machine, but it wasn’t compatible, so I decided to try it in my new Dell… 200Mhz DDR RAM won’t work in a 333Mhz FBR bus DDR requiring machine. Drat and double drat.

So I’ve been forced to actually get out my credit card (yet again) and purchase some RAM…. I managed to get a 333Mhz FBR suitable 512Mb DRAM SIMM thingy (hey, I’ve given up trying to remember how many different types of RAM there are) for a total of £89.41 from PCUpgrader and hopefully it should be arriving tomorrow or Friday. And boy do I need it! 256Mb RAM running Windows XP, Digiguide, Norton Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Pro, Mailwasher, MySQL, Apache, PGP, EditPlus, various drivers for the display, ADSL modem, printer, dual cameras, and Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer doesn’t go too far.

It seems odd that now I’ve having to upgrade up from a quarter of a gigabyte of memory as it “isn’t enough”, when just over 10 years ago I was happy with just 32Kb of RAM and floppy discs which could store a maximum of 400K of data (double sided, double density 5¼ floppies!). And has my “productivity level” really increased? Hmmm….