Month: April 2003

  • Snippet: Very Annoying!

    *snippet* Aaargghhh! Luuuseerrs! Yep, it’s been “one of those days” where I’m just going to be using this blog as a “location for letting off steam”. And the fact that my job would be so much easier if we didn’t have customers to worry about *grr* Unfortunately, they pay the wages so 🙁 Basically, we’ve […]

  • Snippet: Unplanned Time Off

    *snippet* As you may have noticed, there haven’t been that many blog entries from myself the past few days : just been waay too tired. I’m actually planning on taking some time off until May (that’s on Thursday) to try and hopefully give me time to “recover” from whatever is wearing me down. If I’m […]

  • Snippet: Too Technical Tonight

    *snippet* Sorry there’s been no entries on Saturday (yesterday/today), I’ve been reading a very good book all day and haven’t been able to pull my self away from it. I’ve just finished it, but 1.30am in the morning is not a good time to go into the technical details of quarks, electrons, special relativity vs […]

  • Snippet: Screen shot unguessed

    *snippet* Nearly 4 and a half days on and Guess That Movie 51 still hasn’t been guessed! It’s shocking! If it’s any help, I’ll clarify the clues I’ve already given out on the post: * It’s a picture of a cat (to be more exact a new born kitten) * There’s a connection to round […]

  • Techy: RAM Revisited

    Just a quick update on the RAM shortage I blogged about earlier. For a while at work, we’ve had a massive 1Gb of RAM just “sitting around” the office: we came across it in the office move, but it isn’t compatible with any of our work machines so it had just been looking for a […]