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Net: I’m Off To Space!

May 19th, 2003

Certificate of ParticipationFirda pointed me towards the Deep Impact: Send Your Name to a Comet site and now my name is now going to be “included with other names on a disc attached to the impactor spacecraft, which will collide with (Comet) Tempel 1”. You’ve got until January 2004 to submit your name (don’t think about submitting a fake name as the site is a “US Government (Federal) website” and “it is a violation of US code to improperly use Federal computing resources”).

The Deep Impact Mission is due for launch on the 30th of December 2004 from Kennedy Space Center and is due to impact on the comet on the 4th of July 2005.

Guess That Movie: LVII: Men In Black

May 19th, 2003

Guess That Movie Round 57Congratulations Antgrad for doubling your score by recognising that Guess That Movie Round 56 was taken from John Carpenter’s Village of The Damned (1995). [Order from] amazoncom:0783230427 . The 100 points you just won have been added to the 100 points you had before, so you’re now 2/5th of the way towards the prize.

Personally, I think that albino children are so rare that there are worth examining in more detail – and the person captured in this snapshot certainly looks like they’ve seen something unusual. But in which movie did this person see the unusual thing?

Just leave a comment with your name/alias, email address (for the prize givings) and the name of the movie you think this screen shot is taken from. If you guess that movie correctly, I’ll award you some points. Points start at 100 per image and decline over time (after the first 12 hours it goes down by 10 points, then down a further 10 points every 24hours after posting) – oh and wrong guesses have a 5 point penalty. But what good are points? Well, get 500 points and you can claim a £5 Amazon gift voucher/certificate for the Amazon store of your choice (£5 will be converted into the appropriate currency at the exchange rates displayed on at the time of claim) – so you can get free books, movies and music just by playing a simple FREE guessing game!

Good luck!
A: Men In Black. Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

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