Month: May 2003

  • Fun: Impressive Photos

    Whilst liking photography in all its forms and being a regular reader of the SenstiveLight photoblog (amongst others), there’s still a few occasions where I just got wow when looking at a photo. Sensiti’s image for today’s Theme Thursday is quite impressive, but I think it’s been beaten hands down by the Ant Daisy image […]

  • Snippet: Double Points on Guess That Movie

    Wow! Nobody managed to guess the current Guess That Movie image so for the next 48 hours I’m going to be awarding a massive 200 points to the first person to correctly recognise the screenshot. It is NOT from: Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdrome (or any of the Mad Max series) Poltergeist (or any of […]

  • Poll: Do you know MT-Do?

    3. Dan Black Belt Every day, your knowledge and understanding increases. In some respects MT-Do is becoming Zen to you, but from time to time, you slip and leave the conscious as just that. Take the MT-Do test (Found via Neil’s World who found it via Kadyellebee)

  • Snippet: Make Mental Note

    Note to self: Read Homer’s Odyssey (I’ve always wondered where the story of the wooden horse of Troy and the children’s TV series Ulysses originated) and then Macbeth and Hamlet.

  • TV: Wow! Europe hates us

    First of all, congratulations go to Turkey for winning the 2003 Eurovision contest with Sertab Erener’s “Everyway that I can” (even though it reminded me a lot of Shakira’s “Whenever, Whereever”). However, I’ve found out that Europe must hate us, because our entry of Jemini’s “Cry Baby” left Eurovision with a great big fat zero […]