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Snippet: Double Points on Guess That Movie

Guess That Movie 58Wow! Nobody managed to guess the current Guess That Movie image so for the next 48 hours I’m going to be awarding a massive 200 points to the first person to correctly recognise the screenshot.

It is NOT from:

  • Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdrome (or any of the Mad Max series)
  • Poltergeist (or any of its sequels)
  • Small Soldiers
  • Osmosis Jones (I’ve never heard of this film anyway!)
  • Spy Kids 2 (it’s not Spy Kids 1 either)

Ok: additional clues:

  • It’s a spin off of a TV series
  • There is some allegedly Latin spoken in this movie, but it isn’t real Latin
  • Liza Minelli, Brooke Shields, Barbra Streisand and Winona Ryder were NOT in this movie
  • The scene in the movie where this screen shot was taken from doesn’t really “look like” the rest of the movie

Have fun and have a guess!

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