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Movies: Quick Movie Reviews

June 18th, 2003

Quick reviews of films I’ve seen recently:

Matrix Reloaded
Same characters. Different Story. Good special effects. Scenes too long in place and mostly “throwaway” plot. Worthing paying to see twice (if only to catch the bits you blinked at: one of the most important bits is only on the screen for a few seconds in a dark room!). Number of times watched so far: 7
Dumb and Dumberer
Same characters (different actors though, but they look strikingly similar). Different Story. Bad Plot. Some poor acting. Good “doesn’t he look like Jim Carey” factor. Not worth paying to see. Number of times watched so far: 1 (and not again)
Italian Job
Same title. Some same characters. Same make of car. Different plot, different location (the “Italian Job” itself takes place for just 5/10 minutes at the start then it’s a case of re-creating the Italian Job in Philadelphia whilst borrowing bits from the original Italian Job movie). Doesn’t seem to have much of the “human factor” (the original one had a lot more “respect”, feeling etc for me). Lots of violence/guns/number of deaths. Worth catching on DVD/Video/TV, but not really worth paying to see. Number of times watched: 1 (but it’s “todays film” so I haven’t really had a chance to re-watch it anyway)
Bruce Almighty
Not a sequel, prequel or remake. Good plot. Good acting. Thought provocative in places. “Proper special effects” (i.e.: you hardly notice they are SFX until you think about them). Quite funny. Worth paying to see. Number of times watched: 2.5 – soon to be 3.5

In-depth movie reviews, this post wasn’t. But it’s 11.50pm at night, my hands are hurting a bit (I’m trying to reduce my time at a keyboard because I think I’m overdoing things a bit recently), the cat wants me in bed (don’t ask!) and I’m getting cramp in my legs…

Personal: Oooh, all excited.

June 18th, 2003

Oooh, following up on a comment (well, two comments) that someone left on my blog I’ve got something slightly exciting (and potentially embarrassing for myself and someone) in the next few weeks. But I’ve “got to keep it under my hat” for at least a month – possibly until September.

I’m really looking forward to it as it’ll help me get something off my chest that I’ve been worrying about for around a year but been too afraid to do anything about it, but this will give me a chance to sort it all out one way or another (I think the saying is “trial by fire”). And it’s amazing how much “true gumph” I can come out with if people ask me about certain topics and the way it makes me feel (watching “Bruce Almighty” before responding to that person’s email made it even worse/better).

Anyway, whilst I know this is called “Richy’s Random Ramblings” (see, see – at the top it does say that!), I’m rambling a bit too much now even for my level of ramblingness. But enough said – more details will follow in the future I’m sure, but now we return you to your regularly random ramblings.

Pa-pa-pah-pahha-pa-pa-pah-paaaa! (Cue Pearl+Dean advertisements)

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