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Snippet: Boxy, Boxy, Boxy.

Yesss, it seems that Zaphod (my old PC: now equipped with a working fan and a 120Gb hard drive) is now running Debian Linux successfully (well, it’s just downloading the security updates as I type). Why the cheer? Well, yesterday’s installation didn’t quite work so I offer this advice: Despite what the Debian website suggests, ignore the net-install and jigdo installs and download a complete CD image from your local mirror. I just did and it was plain sailing!

Now I’ve just got to be sure I want to purchase a RedHat Linux webserver: the reason I’m installing Debian is so my server and a home/office machine is running the same OS, but there’s a chance I’m swapping the main Beebware webserver from Debian to RedHat (as I can get a cheaper hosting package if I go to another backbone provider). However, I’m happy with the level of service my current hosts have provided me with so it seems a bit “bad” for me just to be comparing prices and bandwidth allocations…

Seems I spoke too soon. The original 250Mb partition I made for Linux was too small, so I’ve had to start again from scratch (I’m giving it 750Mb to play with now). Fingers crossed. And I just hope it doesn’t, somehow, bring down my Windows XP box when it connects to the internet (for some reason, on occasions it has caused the network section of WinXP to go strange)

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