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Month: September 2003

Guess That Movie: LXX

Guess That Movie 70Well, while I continue to clear my holiday email backlog (down to 350 emails now – the most are either spam, automatic notifications which just require a courtesy glance, or are emails I’ve now dealt with), I’ll let you concentrate on the Guess That Movie competition round 70!

We had quite a large number of entries for Guess That Movie 69 and I’ll just like to welcome new contestants “Jennifer Cunningham”, “Lanre”, “Fluffy“, and “Jurgen” who all guessed correctly at the film The Hollow Man – but were also beaten to the first place by another new contestant – “Kevin” (Kevin Bacon perchance? 😉 ) – let’s see how many return to try and get the prizes.

For those of you who are new, read on for the details of the competition and the prizes you could win – otherwise, just make your guess by leaving a comment with your name (or alias), email address (real one please: only I can see them anyway and I hate spam), web site address (totally optional) and the name of the movie you are guessing at.