Month: September 2003

  • Snippet: 4Gb in, no Gigs out

    I spent last week running my computer 24/7 processing several gigabytes of data and eventually filled up a MySQL database table with 4Gb of data (I’ve still got 1Gb to load in!). So I’ve had to redesign the database scheme, branch out to flat file databases and now I’m trying to get the data out […]

  • Snippet: Job Vacancy

    Oh – if anybody is interested, there’s a job vacancy going around: contact me for more details if you’re interested (just leave a comment with your email address and I’ll forward further details): “Rough job spec” follows: Looking for a unique job position within Leicester? (UK) Do you have experience or want experience with *any* […]

  • Snippet: Still At Work

    It’s gone 7pm and I’m still at work and look to be here for another hour afterwards finishing a recruitment site (I was meant to be able to pass the design onto a coworker, but unfortently they didn’t “meet requirements” and hence I’m having to do all of the work myself). And once I get […]

  • Snippet: Server Failure

    My London web server (yep, I’ve got two dedicated web servers at the moment) has just had a minor crash and Apache has failed. Removing and reinstalling and configuring it still pulls up faults, but luckily I’m on the brink of decommissioning that 3year old server anyway – however, it wasn’t scheduled to happen for […]

  • Snippet: Nooo!!!!!

    Nooo!!!! 200,000 MySQL inserts comprising of over 2.16Gb of data won’t work because there’s a single comma missing in the SQL insert statement in every single row… Nooo! I just hope I can rescue the data with a Perl regexp or else I’ll have to wipe out the last 3.5days of work and processing (that’s […]