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September 19th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

My London web server (yep, I’ve got two dedicated web servers at the moment) has just had a minor crash and Apache has failed. Removing and reinstalling and configuring it still pulls up faults, but luckily I’m on the brink of decommissioning that 3year old server anyway – however, it wasn’t scheduled to happen for another fortnight at least to give me time to write all the scripts that run on it (it’s complete CGI driven).

So I’ve just had to copy all the files across to this server and try and juggle everything I can – I think it’s all worked as well as can be expected (still got a few problems with the scripting but I’ve patched around it for now), but I won’t be able to check if the DNS has properly updated for another 12 hours or so. The thing is, I’m not sure if I’ve got the configuration “spot on” – the old server was a totally customised DNS system and now it’s automated: but it’s still got to interact with my external slave nameservers (all 12 of them!). Fingers crossed – but if my blog disappears for a day, you’ll know what I screwed up (hopefully all my other sites will shortly update). It doesn’t really help that I’m “between registry’s” at the moment 🙁

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