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Snippet: Broken Keyboard

December 16th, 2003

It appears my keyboard is suffering from problems at the moment – they seem to be power related as if I hold it closer to the receiver (yep, it’s a wireless keyboard) I’m able to type quite normally. However, if I place the keyboard on my desk it doesn’t. Well – it didn’t until just then. Hmm, I’m now typing this on my desk wondering what’s going on…

Aargh! I’ve just noticed not one, not two but 10 fully charged batteries in a box in front of me so I needn’t have worried about finding a shop selling batteries at nearly 11pm at night. Ignore this post, I’m just rambling on a bit here (blame a small f-ck up at work and me not feeling 100%: haven’t eaten properly for 3 days since I’ve not felt that hungry, and I’ve been sleeping quite a bit as I’ve been feeling tired – yet bags under my eyes exist still). Blarg 🙁

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