Month: December 2003

  • Net: Words to Auld Lang Syne (II)

    With 27 minutes to go until 2004, I would just like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and re-post the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne (you can even listen to a 9k MIDI version if you want). So here’s the “Scottish/English” version, the English and (by request) the German lyrics – however, I can’t […]

  • Snippet: Brrr(!)

    I’ve just found out why I’ve been so cold the last week (mainly staying in bed wrapped up until midday, returning to bed at 6pm and just popping out of bed to change the “tape” of the film(s) I’m watching). Even though I was increasing the central heating temperature to 30degrees (celsius), I was still […]

  • Spam: Text Message Spam

    This entry is mainly for my records, but it’s here if anybody else requires reference… Basically, at 19.20, I made the following complaint to ICSTIS and The Telephone Preference Service in relation to a spammy text (SMS) message I received: A SMS text message was sent at around 19:05 GMT (although the timestamp on the […]

  • Spam: I’m giving up….

    I think I’m just about to give up on the email addresses provided by my ADSL provider (Demon). Why? Well, over Christmas Eve (from 4pm) to Boxing Day (2pm), I received nearly 25,000 emails. That’s a lot – but I’ve got a couple of custom Perl scripts which can crawl through my POP3 email box […]

  • Snippet: Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas to everybody! Now drag yourself away from the computer and spend time with your friends and family over the festive period! I am!