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Spam: Text Message Spam

This entry is mainly for my records, but it’s here if anybody else requires reference…

Basically, at 19.20, I made the following complaint to ICSTIS and The Telephone Preference Service in relation to a spammy text (SMS) message I received:

A SMS text message was sent at around 19:05 GMT (although the timestamp on the message reads 00:43:53 31-12-2003) from +08717120395 to my telephone preference service registered mobile phone (07732XXXXXX) with the message:
“You have 1 new BPQ voicemail message. Please call 0871 712 0395 to listen to it.”

When calling the number it says (in a format similar to a voicemail) “Sheila Brown of the BPQ awards department” tried calling and for me “reagrding an award prize which has to be claimed within 48hours” and for me to call 090 65393698 with NO cost of call disclosed.


  1. hey, i got that spam text as well. i figured it was some scam or other straight away but looked it up anyway. this site,, has a post dated 29th December with more info. a bit annoying, isn’t it?

  2. braddock braddock

    Yes, I got BPQ mind-boggling offer yesterday (31st Dec) Same conditions as for yourself and “bushra”. So, thanks for putting information here on your web-site.
    I think what alerted me and made me cautious about going down the road of of the “09xxxxx” was the accent of the telephone announcer, not Sheila Brown. That guttural either Antipodean or South African accent. You hear it so often when there’s a scam going on! But….I was still curious so….it was a good job for me that this info was on your site.
    Have a good New Year!


  3. amanda amanda

    i got one of those messages as well, wich was different, 08717120496, and thanks for having information on ur site, it was worth of spending some minutes to find out that it was a spam..

  4. Daniel Daniel

    I got a same message, but from 0871 712 0606.

    After reading this site I won’t be calling the number.


  5. John John

    I got it too. 0871 210 4166. I won’t be calling.

  6. grants grants

    GREAT WEBSITE!!!! I spent the whole afternoon and part of an evening on here.There is just so much interesting stuff that you can’t tear yourself away.I appreciate all the hard work that goes in to making a site this good.

  7. hi – my site called Grumbletext is listing nearly 400 complaints about the BPQ/Sheila Brown scam and we have loads more on various other SMS scams. These things are the pits and we’re about to get quite a lot more aggressive about trying to get them stamped out.

    Anyhow, well done for posting up info on this site to ward people off – the main way to beat them is to cut off the revenue stream they make when people call the 090### numbers.

    Thanks, Adrian on Grumbletext

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