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Month: June 2004

Personal: Happy 25th Birthday Me!

Birthday Richy!

Yeah, I know – I’m getting old (a quarter of a century!). Just wish I could remember why I bothered setting my phone to remind me it’s my birthday today – perhaps I thought that at this point my whatchamecallit thingybob would be so bad that I’d whizbangedthingy it’s my birthday today (the 15th of June).

Happy Birthday Richy!
Happy Birthday? How old am I?
25 sir!
Ooh, that’s terrible. Only yesterday I was 24, today I’m 25, by the end of the week I’ll be in my thirties. At least I’ve got all my marbles…Ah, don’t you just love the green ones

(with apologies to Spitting Image and the late great Ronald “Do the Ron” Regan)