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Month: February 2005

Personal: Holiday Photos Now Available

As some of you may be aware, in September last year, I treated myself to a 16 day holiday in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve just got round to uploading around 340 photos (230Mb!) to for viewing. Pictures are variable in quality and most don’t have descriptions at the moment (I’ll try and add them later on).

You’ll notice that the pictures start on “Day 5” – this is because when I went to Japan, I took my little Kodak EZ-200 camera with me: but by day 5 I had filled it up. However, whilst I had the cables and my laptop with me – I forgot to bring the drivers for the camera so I couldn’t download the photos! I had to buy a quite nice Ricoh Caplio RX 3.2Megapixels camera and use that. But when I got back to the UK, I found out the Kodak camera managed to somehow get corrupted! So the first 5 days photos of my first “own” holiday are now lost! It’s a double shame as on Day 2, I had a tour around Tokyo and took lots of good pictures 🙁

Life: Switching back to Amazon

A month or so ago, I was scouting around on UK Nova for some interesting “B.T’s” to download (my justification: I pay around £20 a month for a TV licence and NTL Cable Basic TV package, but I haven’t turned by TV on for a month), and then I saw 2DTV for download – but with a note that it was available for just £4.99 from so I went off to buy it on DVD (I try and keep “as legal as possible”).

Whilst there, I notice they had Red Dwarf DVDs for sale (note: I already have every single Red Dwarf episode on “recorded from TV” tape and all but the last series on commercial VHS) and The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy TV Series for sale (again, I already have this on 3 commercial VHS tapes). I ended up spending over £120 there!

However, I’m having to switch back to Amazon for my purchase for Red Dwarf [Order from] series 6 and Amazon also have a number of books I wanted for Christmas (Ben Elton’s Past Mortem [Order from] and Tom Sharpe’s Wilt in Nowhere [Order from] ) and need to get the purchase price up to cover shipping…

I did intend to buy the books from my local Borders book shop, but they were expecting me to pay full retail price AND only had them in Hardback…

Personal: Well, that’s a different phone call

Here’s the *exact* transcript of a phone call I just received:
-RING- (yep, I got it on the first ring)
Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello – who is this?
Me: May I ask who is calling?
Caller: Sorry, I think I’ve got the wrong number.
Me: Yes. Bye

If this conversation is familiar and you called somebody at 20:04 on Saturday 19th of Feb 2005 from a mobile telephone number ending in 775 (with a total of five 7’s in the number), then hello! And thanks the the baffling call!