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How did I get from A to K?

Can somebody please explain to me how, over two hours ago, I checked Wikipedia to see if the Vicar in the latest episode of “My Hero” (Michael Fenton Stevens) the actor I remember from KYTV – and then make my way through the history of BSkyB (and consequently Sky Broadcasting, British Satellite Boardcasting), then through NTL and Telewest, then via UK Gold, via Have I Got News For You, via Ian Hislop, via Private Eye, via something else (including, but not limited to, the History of the BBC, White City, Television House, Top Up TV, Xtraview, Richard “Dirty” Desmond, Mohammed Al-Fayed), then to the Mary Whitehouse Experience, then to Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned, then to Fantasy Football League, and then to Chris Morris, then to Chris Langham, then to Armino Iccananeou (no, I can’t spell his name – the Scottish actor/comedian with an Italian father), then back to Chris Morris, then to “The IT Crowd” and Autism’s Syndrom finally finishing up on the wikipedia entry on “goatse” (I’ve still got Firefox tabs on Spitting Image, Retts Syndrom and Autism to read).

I wanted to go to sleep 1.5 hours ago, but damn wikipedia…..

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