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Month: September 2006

Work: What a start to the week!

Sunday night/Monday morning: I didn’t sleep very well so I didn’t get much sleep. Therefore looking forward to Monday night. Unfortently, I’m “on call” until 11pm, but I should be able to stay awake until then. Monday 10.50pm: We start receiving issues via our online Kayako helpdesk that some people are having database issues. As I don’t want alerts beeping me at night, I start investigating. Monday 11.15pm: There’s a lot of Linux quota checking scripts running. Most odd – the maximum I normally see is 1 – and there’s pages full here. And I can’t “kill -9” (terminate) them faster enough. Only one thing for it – server reboot. Monday 11.30pm: Server hasn’t come back up yet. Hmm, perhaps it just stalled on the reboot. Try again. Monday 11.45pm: Not good, it still hasn’t come back up. I’ll have to alert the datacenter for investigation. Tuesday 12am: Data center tries a reboot with a console attached Tuesday 12.30am: Server is undergoing a file system check (fsck) Tuesday 1.15am: Still undergoing the fsck. This normally takes around 20 minutes, but the datacenter is reporting lots of “inode faults” being reported on the /var/ parition on the server Tuesday 2am: Still…

Personal: Yes! I passed my theory test!

At my second attempt, I managed to pass my car driving theory test! Yippee for me! Technically, I passed the theory test the first time as well (34/35 on the first try, 33/35 on the second – pass mark was 30), but I failed the hazard perception by a single point (I scored 43 last time: pass mark was 44 out of 75). This time, due to a lot more clicking (sometimes as many as 8 times on a single clip), I scored 59 out of 75 and passed! Now just to think about booking the car driving practical test – and then I can be a menace on the roads! Mwhahaha!

Net: Bewitched Original Opening

Some of you, like myself, may have heard of the “original” opening to Bewitched – advertising Chevrolet cars: but being in the UK, you hadn’t actually seen the extra work Hanna Barbera (who animated the title sequence) put in… But now you can! (Bewitched Season 1 Original Opening download link)

Stocking Predudice?

Thanks to Jake over at Utterly Boring, I had a really good laugh at the following YouTube movie: Download link: Stocking Prejudiced Are you prejudiced against stockings?