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WordPress Password Recovery

May 22nd, 2007

Lost your password to your WordPress blog and no longer have access to the email account you set up? Well, there’s a couple of solutions to this – you can either use the Emergency Password Recovery (thanks WeblogToolsCollection) or, if you have got access to the MySQL database, either change the email address contained therein or be really clever and decrypt the stored password.

But the password is encrypted I hear you cry!

Well, there just happens to be a MD5 password lookup site which you could use to decrypt the password!

Hope it helps!

Game: Desktop Tower Defense

May 22nd, 2007

When Jeremy Zawodny issues a warning about a game, then it is advisable to listen to him as he knows what he is talking about….

Desktop Tower Defense is an annoyingly good game! I’ve only reached sub-3000 scores so far so just one more game….

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