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Games: At Long Last!

June 10th, 2007

Desktop Tower 5778 MapAt long last, I’ve finally completed the “Medium/Normal” level of Desktop Tower Defense – scoring 5778 points, all 50 levels cleared and 18 (out of 20) lives remaining (only the two flying bosses got away – and one of those only just: he had less than 20 health left).

5778 still keeps me out the top 100 though (7406 is the 100th highest score), but I’ve spent waaay too much time it now so now I’m going to try to forget about this addictive game.


June 10th, 2007

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs. “Turnwell” who got married on Friday the 9th of June at just gone 3pm. It was a marvellous ceremony and I hope my sister can make a decent man of “Moggy”

[added after comment from the bride]

Sorry, so you did – the wedding was on Saturday the 9th of June, but I actually had to be up there for the 8th to the 10th as I was Ushering (and I ushed very well 😉 ).

Coding: Less Code Is Better Code

June 7th, 2007

Rich Skrenta (he of Open Directory Project fame) has blogged how code is our enemy. The following phrases in particular: “The more code you have, the more places there are for bugs to hide….The longer it takes a new employee to make sense of your system. If you have to refactor there’s more stuff to move around.”

These sound so true to me and I agree with Jeff that Smaller Code Is Better, but I’d prefer smaller, segmented re-usable code with comments over a large bloated undocumented mess any day!

Desktop Tower Defense Continued

June 6th, 2007

I may just need to edit my “hosts” file on my computer to stop myself play Desktop Tower Defense – it’s proven very very addictive! No wonder the author is earning nearly $8,000 a month. Some people will resent him for that, but I think good on him: he’s come up with a fairly unique idea of a good simple game and given it away free – he deserves to get rewarded….

(added: It appears the developer has even set up a new blog about it – so keep an eye out for other variants of the game).

Now back to those towers….

Driving Test – Passed First Time

June 3rd, 2007

Wohooo! Go me! I’ve just passed my Car driving Practical Test first time with only 8 minor faults (every single one of them I knew about as I did them). Woot!

I can now legally drive on the roads of the UK all on my own (well, once I get car insurance which my other half is trying to sort out).

Go me!

Admittedly, I did think I failed (as I didn’t quite stop in time for a set of lights: I should have continued going), but still first time pass! Woo!

If you are looking for driving lessons in Leicester, I’d recommend contacting Stephen Chamberlain as he’s the guy that got me through.

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