Month: June 2007

  • Funny: Silly Men

    Here’s a quick funny picture I’ve been sent. It’s a one where a couple of men are just “planting” road bollards to prevent people parking where they shouldn’t be. However, it appears that whoever parked their van didn’t quite think things through. As the subject of the email I received this from said: “Great job […]

  • Jaffa Cake Advert Song Revisited

    Many thanks are due to Jo for the words of the Jaffa Cake Advert Song which went like: Jaffa, Jaffa, Jaffa, Jaffa Now listen general public for goodness sakes my family they go crazy for these jaffa cakes, like when I’m bouncing little baby on my knee, the first words that he speak were ‘they’re […]

  • Free Directory Enquiries

    Continuing on my theme of free phone thingies (ok, this is only the second post out of what looks like to be two), I just thought I’d let people know that they can get free UK directory enquiries. Yes, apart from the BT Online DQ service and services such as, you can also get […]

  • “Free” UK Speaking Clock

    Did you know that in the UK you can get the latest time by calling 123 from most landlines – you’ll be put through to a speaking clock known officially as “Timeline”, but unofficially in the UK as “Tim the talking clock” (historically it was on the number 846 – TIM). It’s been available since […]

  • LOLCode

    You’ve heard of lolcats haven’t you? If you haven’t then shame on you – have a look at my previous post with lolcats or just see I Can Has CheezBurger?. Anyway, there’s now LolCode with such examples in programming as: HAI CAN HAS STDIO? I HAS A VAR IM IN YR LOOP UP VAR!!1 VISIBLE […]