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Blog: Now With Speech

September 30th, 2007

You may notice the new “Listen” option on the blog entries – this is because I’ve just signed up with Talkr which converts (via a computer) my blog entries to audio so you can now listen to my blog on your iPod or similar if you wanted to.

Listen to ANY blog

Talkr: Letting blogs speak for themselves.

Hope it comes in handy!

Sorry for not blogging much

September 30th, 2007

Meh – sorry my blogging rate has decreased quite dramatically the last two weeks: a combination of workload, tiredness and problems with the Mozilla Firefox browser have prevented me from blogging when I wanted to.

What problem with Firefox? Well, I rebooted and then Firefox wouldn’t stay open for more than 2 pages at a time without crashing (sometimes it wouldn’t even load without crashing). Tried loading Firefox in safe mode (with extensions disabled) and same problem. So how did I fix it? Basically, I somehow managed to track it down to an update with Real Player pushed out via Google Updater which had a dodgy Firefox/RealPlayer integration which caused Firefox to die. Uninstall Real Player and it worked perfectly.

Only problem I have had to date with Google Updater though.

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