Month: October 2007

  • Carphone Warehouse: Shoddy Customer Support

    I’ve just sent the following email to Carphone Warehouse’s customer support department as, after years of service with them, I’ve become very dissatisfied with their service and I’m looking at moving away from them as quickly as possible. From what I’ve heard from co-workers, I’m not the only person which has had this sort of […]

  • Personal: I has a tree!

    I’ve just participated in Innocent Drinks’ “Buy One, Get One Tree” offer and I now haz a tree:

  • Personal: Funny

    From my other half whilst watching TV last night: TV: *baby squeak noise* Other half: Should babies squeak like that? Well, I guess it’s been in water for nine months so it’ll probably be rusty. I know she was kidding, but still funny! 😀

  • Games: Grow Island

    Yippeee! I’ve just tripped over another of the “Grow” family of games. Grow Island is basically a game where you’ve got to grow an island (simple eh! 😀 ), by selecting what items to concentrate on improving first. Sort of like a simple sim-city. It took me a dozen games to work out the winning […]

  • Blogging: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

    Ok, no lies, but last months blogging stats. I currently have 763 posts (14 during September) and 2,410 comments (only 8 of those during September) with 436,819 spam comments caught by Akismet (a further 70,298 were caught by Spam Karma before that) since my last install. Since I seem to have conflicting information from my […]