Month: January 2008

  • Free Domain Names

    Are you looking at starting a new project but can’t afford the domain name? Well, my other half may well be able to help you free of charge. She’s got around 20 domain names (some registered and paid for until August 2009) available free of charge – with names ranging from (for fans of […]

  • Funny: HD DVD War: Blu-Ray the winner

    Via The Register, here’s a funny YouTube video on the downfall of HD-DVD. It’s a shame Blu-Ray has won as I’m trying to avoid Sony hardware as much as possible 🙁

  • Techy: Should I move from a dedicated server to co-location?

    I recently assisted somebody in deciding whether to move from a dedicated server to a co-location provider (a “co-lo” is where you purchase the hardware, install it etc etc: the “co-lo” provider provides the physical space in a secure environment, links to the internet, power, cooling etc) and I thought my thoughts on the matter […]

  • Ultra Zoom on Google Maps: What do you see?

    How close do you have to zoom on,19.933068 until you recognise what you see? I was about 3 zoom levels from the end before I recognised them… Found via PlanetPostgresql of all places! 😀

  • Thank You Tesco for the cheap Lexmark printer

    I’d just like to say thank you to Tesco’s Beaumont Leys store for supplying me with a Lexmark Wireless All-In-One X4850 printer for just £69.97 – it should retail for £129.99 according to Lexmark (and, according to Tesco, £129.97). So how do I get it so cheap? Well, I saw a yellow “Discount” shelf edge […]