Month: February 2008

  • Fun: Sesame Street’s The Count – Censored

    From Les over at Stupid Evil Bastard is a very of Sesame Street’s “The Count” – but it has been censored to bleep out any words that may be perceived as “adult”. Now what do you think the words could be?

  • Net: Bookfilled Stair case

    I want a stair case like Veronika & Sebastian. Books both sides of the stair case and books in the steps themselves – such a good idea by Levitate Architects that, if I had the money, I’ll have them round like a shot to do our house like that. More pics available at ny/ […]

  • Earthquake hits UK East Midlands?

    We’ve just felt quite a strong tremor at 27-Feb-2008 01:00am UTC here in Leicestershire. I suspect it was probably an Earthquake – but has anybody else felt the earth shake tonight?

  • Fun: Bill Gates’ Last Day At Microsoft

    From via Devtopics is Bill Gates’ Farewell speech at CES 2008 – and until this point, I never knew he had a sense of humour. Featuring “Billy G”, Monkey Boy, Clinton and Obama, Spielberg, Bono and a host of other big names this Youtube video is quite funny.

  • PHP: Making use of Object Orientated PHP

    Just a quickie: From Tim of Sacratee there is a post on Jatecblog about Making use of Object Oriented PHP which provides a good simple example of how to use OOP in PHP5 to build a module-based system.