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Month: June 2008

Another year older and Superhero Movie

Yep, it’s official – I’m now 29 years old and just working through the first few hours of my thirtieth year of this incarnation and no, I won’t tell you which bank I bank with (hello UFies! 🙂 ).

I didn’t do too badly – got a few cards, got some money (which will come in very useful at the moment: with becoming a contractor just at the time the PHP contract market appears to have dried up means I’m pushing my overdraft to it’s limits!) and my other half treated me to see Superhero Movie (reasonably ok – but Leslie “Airplane!/Naked Gun” Nielsen had a smallish part, Brent “Data” Spiner had a smaller one, Robert “Airplane!” Hays had an even smaller one, and Craig “US Red Dwarf Lister” Bierko, Dan “Homer Simpson” Castellaneta and Pamela “Baywatch” Anderson had even smaller parts: if they all had larger parts and said more then two sentences each it might have been a bit better, but it wasn’t a too bad Superman spoof except for the OTT Stephen Hawkin bit which had parts in bad taste and the necrophillia and beasility references which us think made it warrant a higher than 12a rating) and then to a carvery meal at the Toby Carvery at the Foxhunter Roundabout in Enderby (despite her not liking carverys).

Not a too bad day overall then despite the extra aging!