Snippet: Weird Pricing on TheCloud

I’m just helping somebody find temporary wireless internet access (ideally free wireless in London), and I remembered The Cloud. Their pricing is a bit odd: for Pay as you go access, the price if £6.99 for 3 hours or £9.99 for 24 hours, or you can go for their subscription wireless access, it’s £6.99 for a whole month.

There must be a snag there – who would pay for 24 hours access, when it’s cheaper to get 30 days?

One response to “Snippet: Weird Pricing on TheCloud”

  1. I’m guessing that perhaps the subscription plan is £6.99 every month – i.e. if you don’t cancel you are billed £6.99 whether you use it or not. Whereas the £6.99 for 3 hours is just for 3 hours.

    Still, if you can put in the effort to cancel, £6.99 for a month is cheaper, provided there are no further catches.

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