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Does God really exist? It’ll be down to the Advertising Standards Authority to decide…

February 6th, 2009

As you may be aware, the British Humanist Association’s “There is probably no God” bus advert campaign was reported to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority for being “offensive and denigratory to people of faith” and “challenged whether the ad was misleading because the advertiser would not be able to substantiate its claim that God “probably” does not exist” (see the ASA’s update where they said it was “not in breach of the advertising code” and “the ad was an expression of the advertiser’s opinion”) in the BHA’s “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” bus adverts.

I now wonder if the ASA will receive, and take action, against the Russian Orthodox Church, the Christian Party and Trinitarian Bible Society for stating “There definitely is a God”, “There definitely is a God; so join the Christian Party and enjoy your life.” and “There IS a God, BELIEVE. Don’t worry and enjoy your life.” in their own bus adverts. Source: BBC News and Daily Mail.

I just hope that all of those three organisations can, with their statement of fact (“definitely is a god” and “There IS a God”), can substantiate the existence of God to the Advertising Standards board – and the fact that their advertisement would be offensive and denigratory to people of other faiths and those who do not believe in the existence of God.

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