Month: February 2009

  • News: 3D Street Art

    The Daily Moron Mail has a couple of good 3D pavement art by artist Edgar Müller (they have a video whilst The Daily ToryTelegraph has photos of the video).

  • News Snippet: Mythbuster Kari Byron is Pregnant

    News just off the press direct from Mythbuster Adam Savage: Girl Geek Cutie Kari Byron is pregnant: there’s no word yet as to when the kid will be joining the Mythbusters team or in what capacity (Buster replacement or team member). Update: There’s a video available (of the “official announcement”: not a “making of”! – […]

  • Snippet: It is two cups, one ball – not…

    Why oh why when I was writing a couple of paragraphs about probability, did I not write “there are two cups and one ball…” but instead typed “there are two girls and one cup…”: what was my mind thinking???

  • Blogging: New blog design v5?

    Well, this at least the 4th major redesign this blog has had (previous ones being: January 2005, August 2003, June 2003) and it’s the one I’ve spent least amount of time on, but looks the nicest in my opinion. I’m using a combination of TheBuckMaker’s Aerodrome theme with the WPTouch iPhone theme providing the iPhone […]

  • Fun: Two plus Two does equal Five

    Via Science for SEO comes proof that 2 + 2 = 5. What is this magical proof? Well, it’s simple and something you can try at home: Get two pieces of rope or string Put two knots in each piece of string You now have 2 knots and 2 knots Tie those pieces of string […]