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Techy: Internet Explorer 8, Reload Rendering Issues – Fixed!

I’ve just had a very very irritating time trying to debug a web page. It would load correctly into Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and display/render correctly, but then when the page was reloaded or refreshed, it would be rendered incorrectly with a few sections offset and just generally looking wrong.

Thanks to a lot of search and trying different keywords, I found the IE8 Inconsistent Rendering when Reloading post on StackOverflow which said it was a problem with I.E. 8 and CompanionJS and/or DebugBar. Removing both of them (via the Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs / Uninstall Programs section) allowed the site to start working correctly.


This keyword rich post was created to try and help any other people suffering from the same Internet Explorer Page Rendering Incorrectly Upon Reload issue as I had from losing as much hair as I did!