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Bad Ideas – 3 in 3 days!

My first bad idea was on Tuesday when we all (at work) had a glass of wine to celebrate moving to the new office. Not such a bad idea – until after I took my sleeping pills (yep, I’m having trouble sleeping and had forgotten I was taking them when I had the wine). Sleeping pills + alcohol is a very very bad idea – my partner said that I was “vibrating” during the night, couldn’t stand up straight and I was disorientated most of Wednesday.

My second bad idea was leaving the pub for the celebrations when I did (after the glass of wine, I was on orange juice). It was absolutely pouring down with rain for the 5 minutes or so it took me to get to the tube, and 30 minutes later when I got home I was still drenched.

My third, and so far, final bad idea was this morning. I thought I’d save myself a walk from Euston Square tube station to work by changing tube lines and getting off at Goodge Street station. Silly bad idea. I had to change at Kings Cross station, up a flight of steps across and down to the southern-bound Northern Line – where I had to change again at Euston for the southern-bound Northern Line (as it branches at Euston) which involved me going up 2 escalators, across, down, across down another escalator to end up at the opposite end of the same platform. Up 2 escalators again, across and down 2 got me to the correct southern Northern line. I then exited at Goodge Street station and, seeing the lifts were very crowded, decided to walk up the steps. 139 steps later, I was even more out of breath and sweating then I was. Lovely!

Anyway, I am beginning to get a little bit of free time back after work so I should be able to resume blogging and twittering in a few days! Woot!