UK Post code Lookup prices compared

Following on from my Voice Over IP Call Costs Compared post, I’m now looking at differing costs of looking up UK Postcodes.

Prices exclude VAT and are based on a single UK Premises address level lookup on a public facing website and buying the smallest credit pack possible for the number of lookups.

Company Price per lookup Minimum purchase Credit length
200 lookups 500 lookups 1,000 lookups 2,000 lookups 5,000 lookups

Postcode Software £0.0300 £0.0300 £0.0176 £0.0176 £0.0176 500 lookups
12 months
Crafty Clicks
Pay as you go
£0.0300 £0.0300 £0.0300 £0.0300 £0.0200 300 lookups
12 months
Crafty Clicks
Monthly plan
£0.0175 £0.0150 £0.0150 £0.0150 £0.0125 250 lookups
1 month
Postcode Anywhere £0.0500 £0.0500 £0.0500 £0.0400 £0.3300 1000 lookups
12 months

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