Running Jenkins CI for PHP on Amazon EC2 [3/7]

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Continued from Signing up to Amazon EC2 and starting your first image

Preparing PuTTY
Note: These instructions are based on the Windows version of PuTTY and PuTTYgen

  1. Download an install PuTTY and PuTTYgen from (if there is an “install all” install for your platform, use that)
  2. Load PuTTYgen
  3. Click Load (“Load an existing private key file”)
  4. Select “Show all files (*.*)” in the “Load” box instead of the “PuTTY Private Key Files (*.ppk)”
  5. Select your Amazon EC2 Key (such as AmazonInstance.pem)
  6. Click Load
  7. You should receive the “Succesfully imported foreign key” message
  8. Click “Save private key” (select Yes to “Are you sure you want to save this key without a passphrase to protect it?”)
  9. Save the file somewhere save

Continued in Connecting to Amazon EC2 using PuTTY

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